2009-05-25 Primed Some Stuff Today.

2009-05-25 Aft Fuselage Stuff Primmed.

2009-05-25 Starting to Rivet the aft fuselage.

2009-05-25 Working on the very aft part of the fuse which has the tailwheel attachment.

2009-05-25 Look rivets.

2009-05-25 And Bolts.

2009-05-25 All together ready to install into the aft fuse.

2009-05-25 Started riveting the side skins of the aft fuse.

2009-05-25 The tailwheel section is installed.

2009-05-25 Looks good so far.

2009-05-25 Right side.

2009-05-25 Aft Bottom.

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