2009-04-18 Bottom skins ready for priming. the close one is the Forward bottom and the other is the center bottom.

2009-04-18 BOOM Primed.

2009-04-18 Primed Aft Side Skins.

2009-04-18 Other aft side skin.

2009-04-18 Time to start assembly. soon.

2009-04-18 Aft bottom skin primed.

2009-04-18 Looks good don't it.

2009-04-18 WOO HOO

2009-04-18 Making some parts for the forward fuselage.

2009-04-18 Yea I'm Bad.

2009-04-18 Made the F-917-L and R

2009-04-18 Here is the aft end cut as per plans.

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