2009-03-18 Drilling Holes.

2009-03-18 Other rib with reboveable section. it is removeable so the control column can be placed in the aircraft.

2009-03-18 Two ribs also need trimming, but not a removeable section this is one of them.

2009-03-18 Made four spacer blocks for the center ribs.

2009-03-18 This rib has no modification to the hole, but the lower hole has be opened up the allow the pitot tubes to enter the cabin.

2009-03-18 Baggage floor ribs drilled for the Steps I'm installing.

2009-03-18 Baggage ribs clecoed to the 705.

2009-03-18 Seat ribe clecoed to the 904

2009-03-18 Put the center section together just because.

2009-03-18 picture from the front left.

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