2009-02-20 Worked on the F-904 tonight. Here I'm readying the sides for the hold for the rudder cables.

2009-02-20 Here is where the hole goes.

2009-02-20 Better look.

2009-02-20 Forward holes drilled.

2009-02-20 Aft parts measured.

2009-02-20 Starter hole drilled.

2009-02-20 Forward part of the F-904

2009-02-20 Rear half of the F-904

2009-02-20 Rear half with two close tollerance bolt in to allign them.

2009-02-20 Forward half with parts drilled.

2009-02-20 Drilling the control column bearings. Here I clamped a square to it to hold it correctly for drilling.

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