2009-02-13 Drilled the F-706 Bulkhead. See it's clecoed together.

2009-02-13 Look from the front. This bulkhead is at the rear of the baggage compartment. The parts at the bottom are for the elevator control tube to pass.

2009-02-13 Closer look at the passthru.

2009-02-13 The build up here is for the pivot.

2009-02-13 This is the F-711 Bulkhead drilled together. Later I figured out I forgot something.

2009-02-13 This is the last Bulkhead, the F-712.

2009-02-13 Here are the F-706,707,708, and 709 bulkheads sitting on the wings.

2009-02-13 This is the F-709. This bulkhead is low on the work.

2009-02-13 The 707 and 708 are two pieces with 8 rivets per.

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