2008-11-26 Preping the ends of the small aleron tubes. I'm gonna send them out to be welded and needed to remove some of the paint.

2008-11-26 Here are the tubes and fittings.

2008-11-26 Here are the other ends.

2008-11-26 The tubes are taped and the primer is stirred. I'm good at stirring things up (well that's what some say about me).

2008-11-26 Primed and hung to drip excess out. Tape side up.

2008-11-26 Large tubes primed. Sorry not pics of the taping. I'm just getting back into this building and need to remind myself to stop and take pictures.

2008-11-26 Large tube ends waiting for riveting.

2008-11-26 I broke my fitting tool. :(

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