2008-03-23 The parts made the other day are now being drilled to the wing.

2008-03-23 The vertical one is the one I was working on the other day.

2008-03-23 And here is the one for the inboard hinge.

2008-03-23 Lots of drilling for one little hinge ain't it.

2008-03-23 I clecoed in the middle flap hinge and ran the string to see if it needed adjusting. Looks good to me.

2008-03-23 It looked good so I drilled it in place.

2008-03-23 Next I drilled in the angles.

2008-03-23 Time to put on the bottom skins and drill the skins to the angles.

2008-03-23 Middle one.

2008-03-23 Outter one.

2008-03-23 Pulled the parts to get them ready for priming.

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