2008-03-15 Today I sealed in the tank inerds.

2008-03-15 First I put in all the stuff like the fuel senders.

2008-03-15 The vent tube was installed.

2008-03-15 Sealing is done and here is the access plate in.

2008-03-15 Here is the inside with everything sealed. Notice the clamp holding the wire in place while the sealer cures.

2008-03-15 Inboard fuel sender sealed in.

2008-03-15 fuel return sealed to the bottom of the tank.

2008-03-15 Outboard fuel sender plate.

2008-03-15 Here is the end of the tank with the fuel vent.

2008-03-15 I put the camera in the tank the shot the vent tube.

2008-03-15 Here is the outboard sender plate again.

2008-03-15 And here is a overlook of the tank. Only thing left to do is the baffel, but I'm waiting till this all cures and I can fill it with water to test it.

2008-03-15 I then put in the blue conduit into the wing ribs.

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