2008-02-19 Tank work tonight. First I cut out some duck tape for the drain.

2008-02-19 Here are the parts scuffed and cleaned ready for installation.

2008-02-19 Pulled the end rib to be able to rivet in the drain.

2008-02-19 Mixed the Sealer time to start.

2008-02-19 Here is the drain sealed and riveted.

2008-02-19 Here is the other side of the drain with the rivets sealed over.

2008-02-19 Put the end rib back in.

2008-02-19 Now I'm ready to seal in the ring for the tank access plate. Yes I know you don't have to seal it in, but I wanted to and since this is my plane I'm allowed to do it.

2008-02-19 Look at the other side befor riveting.

2008-02-19 Here is the ring riveted and sealed.

2008-02-19 next thing to do is the filler neck.

2008-02-19 the skin hole is ready to recieve the filler neck.

2008-02-19 Put a rivet in the tooling hole on the outboard rib.

2008-02-19 The other side.

2008-02-19 Gooped over.

2008-02-19 gooped over.

2008-02-19 Other side gooped over.

2008-02-19 here is the filler neck sealed in, and look the clip was not forgotten.

2008-02-19 And a look form the outside.

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