2008-02-09 Started Today by Prepping The Leading Edge Ribs.

2008-02-09 Placing the ribs on the Wing. I should mention the ribs are new as I messed up the first ones I had.

2008-02-09 Clecoing on the Skin.

2008-02-09 Almost clecoed on.

2008-02-09 Drilling the Inner most rib.

2008-02-09 Next thing to do is priming, so here I'm ready to do that.

2008-02-09 Here is the skin cleaned and etched.

2008-02-09 POOF! it's primed.

2008-02-09 And so are the rest of the leading edge ribs and wing j-stringers.

2008-02-09 Clecoed the LE together.

2008-02-09 Riveted.

2008-02-09 Looks good.

2008-02-09 WOO HOO I'm one happy builder.

2008-02-09 The rivet on the top seems to have a problem.

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