2007-11-26 Can't help taking pictures of the right wing together.




2007-11-26 Took of the Leading Edge and Tank the continue working them.

2007-11-26 Pulled the bottom skins.

2007-11-26 Getting the J-stringes ready for drilling.

2007-11-26 Put in the J-stringers in and drilled them.

2007-11-26 Here is a view of the cleco side.

2007-11-26 Here I am drawing the lines on the Z brackets. My idea is to use 5/16 inch of stuff to draw a line in the middle of the bracket.

2007-11-26 Lines drawn and the tank is clecoed together and placed on the wing for drilling the Z bracket to the spar.

2007-11-26 Here is a look in the tank thru the filler hole.


2007-11-26 Tank on the spar.

2007-11-26 Here is a set of holes for the Z brackets.

2007-11-26 I now need to drill the holes for the strip between the tank and leading edge.

2007-11-26 Top side.

2007-11-26 Holes drilled.

2007-11-26 Look again.

2007-11-26 Last look.

2007-11-26 Here is the strip for between the leading edge and tank.

2007-11-26 Another picture with the flash.

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