2007-11-11 Readied the rear spar for priming. Deburred the edges and holes and drilled and dimpled the ones near the doublers.

2007-11-11 Here is the middle section of the spar.

2007-11-11 And here is the outboard end.

2007-11-11 Put it all together and started drilling the holes.

2007-11-11 Looking like a wing skeliton.

2007-11-11 Yea it sure dose.

2007-11-11 One thing I had to remember is the prints are for the left wing and everything is backward for the right wing.

2007-11-11 I got all the ribs in the correct way.

2007-11-11 Drilled and taken apart.

2007-11-11 Here I'm drilling the holes for the wing conduit.

2007-11-11 Last picture of the night.

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