2007-11-09 Worked tonight on the rear spar. Here is the Middle doubler plate drilled to the spar.

2007-11-09 Here it is again.

2007-11-09 This is the outboard end doubler drilled.

2007-11-09 I've drilled a starter hole and traced on the rest to the doubler plate for the aleron tube to pass thru.

2007-11-09 Here I'm nibbling the hole to a rough size.

2007-11-09 Here it is on the top side.

2007-11-09 Now I'm filing the hole to size.

2007-11-09 Here is the file I used.

2007-11-09 And here is the finished hole.

2007-11-09 Now I'm working on the doubler plates on the inboard end of the rear spar.

2007-11-09 Here are the parts ready for priming.

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