2007-09-01 Primed, Tape removed getting ready for the Stiffener riveting.

2007-09-01 Removed the blue plastic around the rivet lines.

2007-09-01 Inserted and taped the rivets in place ready for back riveting.

2007-09-01 Flipped over waiting for the stiffeners.

2007-09-01 Here they are begin to be riveted.

2007-09-01 Time to remove the tape.

2007-09-01 Now assemble the aleron skeleton.

2007-09-01 Put the bottom stuff on and cleco in place.

2007-09-01 Here I flipped the assembly and drilled the rear edge.

2007-09-01 A look fro the other way.

2007-09-01 Disassembled the Aleron.

2007-09-01 Time to start the Right Flap. Spacer and angle fabed and ready for go time.

2007-09-01 Clecoed together the right Flap.

2007-09-01 Here is the flap with bottom skin on and on the table ready for building.

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