2007-08-28 Couple of things are going on here. 1 the flap is being held flat by the frame I made with clamps on the ends. This is shown better in a later picture and I'll explane it then. 2 the nose skin is being pulled into place with the three ratchet straps. This worked well for me and I did not have to try to hold the skin and cleco plyers at the same time.

2007-08-28 Here is the flap trailing edge all drilled.

2007-08-28 Time to start dissasembly.


2007-08-28 One last look at the spiney flap.

2007-08-28 Drilled the

2007-08-28 Drilled the nutplate to the end rib

2007-08-28 Aleron on the table.

2007-08-28 Here you can see the Clamped hold down rig I used. The hold flat system I used is 2 2X3's and part of the wing box screwed together as shown. the 2X3's are cut down to 7 feet long and as yu can see at the other end then extra foot of 2X3 is screwed on the end parallel to the table. then clamps apply pressure to the hold down. This worked very well for me, but you must be careful not to put too much pressure on the part being held straight.

2007-08-28 Aleron held in place and trailing edge drilled.

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