2007-08-25 Gap faring ready for priming.

2007-08-25 Check it out. Ready or not I'm Priming.

2007-08-25 Prime Time. Both Primed.

2007-08-25 My camera was in my airconditioned shop and the lense fogged up upon bringing it into the warm moist air outside.

2007-08-25 Check it out! The gap farings are installed and no clecos are left.

2007-08-25 Looks good.

2007-08-25 Flap too.

2007-08-25 As a sign of being done with a part I pull the plastic off. I know I'm not really done with the wing, but I'm done for now. Next I'll be building the Flaps and Alerons before building the right wing.

2007-08-25 Speeking of Flaps and Alerons here is my Flap/Aleron table.

2007-08-25 The flap is drilled and the 5/8 holes are drilled in the table to allow the flap to sit flat.

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