2007-06-18 So on the 18th I started to test my Left Tank. Here is where the story begins.

2007-06-18 Well here we go. On the 18th I put the yellow balloon on the tank for a test and blew it up. In about 3 hours I checked it and all looked good. About an hour or two later the wife and I were going out and I looked in on the balloon and it was starting to limp. by the time we got home it was totally deflated. Guess I'll try again tomorrow.

2007-06-19 Here we go again. I'm using the tank vent to air up the balloon, but I forgot to tighten the fitting. If I was putting it on for permanent I would have used torque seal, but since this is temporary I did not want to put torque seal on. Anywhoo I tightened the fitting. about three hours later I check on it and the balloon had popped. Try again tomorrow.

2007-06-20 Tonight I removed the balloon remnants and cleaned up the end of the tube to try to keep the balloon from popping. So anyway you know the story I blew up the balloon this time blue and left it to hold. The next morning I checked it and guess what it popped. I'm getting tired of this.

2007-06-25 I thought about how to go about this for a couple days and the went away for the weekend. What I came up with is the replace the valve and gauge which was doing nothing, but acting as a cap. I bought better balloons and re sealed the other two fittings the blew up the new green balloon. Check tomorrow for results.

2007-06-18 Here is where the story ends. The balloon stayed up.

2007-06-18 The balloon only shrunk by 1/32 of an inch. My interpretation is a success.

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