2007-06-16 I got ready to do some priming this morning.

2007-06-16 Pitot Heater brain box stand offs ready

2007-06-16 Here is the flap Stuff ready.

2007-06-16 Bottom Aleron Stuff, Top Pitot Stuff.

2007-06-16 Primed flap stuff

2007-06-16 Primed Pitot mount.

2007-06-16 Primed aleron stuff.

2007-06-16 And the Pitot Stand offs.

2007-06-16 Clecoed the top skins back on the wing skeliton hopefully for the last time.

2007-06-16 Checkin for wing twist. outboard end.

2007-06-16 Now the inboard end.

2007-06-16 Here are the pitot heater brain box stand offs I made.

2007-06-16 Next I riveted together the aleron hinge brackets.

2007-06-16 Oh yea here is the pitot heat brain box nut pates.

2007-06-16 Last thing I did today was to write on the top skin the rivet callouts.

2007-06-16 Just some reminders so I don't get carried away and need to drill out a bunch of rivets.


2007-06-16 Some holes get left open

2007-06-16 Nice smile.

2007-06-16 Hard to see, but more of the same.

2007-06-16 Last pic today more rivet callouts.

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