2007-05-28 Before leaving to go the the cabin for the weekend I got my Dynon heated AOA Pitot tube. I took the manual with me to read while chillin and today I plan on getting mountin sorted, maby not done but have an idea where everything goes.

2007-05-28 First work was the flap hinges. Here is the outboard one with the W925-A and B already drilled and clecoed. I'm now ready to drill the skin holes to the angle.

2007-05-28 And here is the center flap hinge.

2007-05-28 And finally the inboard one.

2007-05-28 Switching gears I clecoed in the Pitot mount backing plate on the lower skin. This is a view from inside the wing.

2007-05-28 Back to the flaps I drilled and clecoed the skin holes. This is the outboard hinge.

2007-05-28 Here is the middle hinge.

2007-05-28 And the inboard hinge.

2007-05-28 Next while in the drilling mode I drilled the Pitot backing plate to the skin.

2007-05-28 I moved the backing plate to the outside of the skin and opened up the hole for the Pitot mast. First I drilled and series of holes around the edge, I'm not sure why but I did. Then i used my hand nibbler to rought open the hole. Here is the result of my effort so far.

2007-05-28 Here is a closer look to show the opening is rough.

2007-05-28 Next I used a sanding wheel for a dremel to sand the opening to the final shape for most of the hole. The very bottom of the hole needs to be done using a rat tail file due to the radius of the curve.

2007-05-28 I had to mount the Pitot and look at the results.

2007-05-28 Next thing I did was to fab a angle for the mount. I fabed it and drilled it to the rib and backing plate.

2007-05-28 next idea is to mount the brain box for the pitot heat. My idea is to mount it to a rib using #6 screws. I needed to fab the four standoffs so the box dosen't interfer with the rib lighting hole flutes. you will get the idea when the box is drilled to the rib in the coming days.

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