2007-05-19 Marked the hole for the Fuel return line.

2007-05-19 Fitted the vent line and the sender.

2007-05-19 Here is the vent line and sender form the inside all sealed.

2007-05-19 Here is the inner sender plate.

2007-05-19 And the outter sender plate.

2007-05-19 Here is the outter rib sealed into place. This makes all ribs sealed and almost everything ready to close the tank. all I need to do is fit the return line and fuel pickup.

2007-05-19 Another look at the outter end of the tank.

2007-05-19 And the inner end.

2007-05-19 Got a new tool! A tubing bender.

2007-05-19 Bent some 3/8 tubing. Here you can see the bends are at 1" radius.

2007-05-19 Back to work. now on drilling the aleron hinges.

2007-05-19 And the other one.

2007-05-19 Next the flap hinge points were drilled.

2007-05-19 #2.

2007-05-19 and the third one. this ended todays work. It was great to be back in the shop.

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