2007-01-13 Had an idea about how to mask off the tank drain. Step 1 put duck tape on a scrap peice of aluminum.

2007-01-13 Step 2 cut around the Flange.

2007-01-13 Step 3 put on tank.

2007-01-13 Look it works. Now I can rough up the Al while not going out from under the Flange.

2007-01-13 The drain is Riveted and sealed.

2007-01-13 Other side.

2007-01-13 Here is the filler top.

2007-01-13 And the bottom.

2007-01-13 Another look.

2007-01-13 Put the Leading edge on the spar, soon to be riveted.

2007-01-13 Here is the tie down hole.

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