2006-11-29 Started on tank skin prep tonight. Removed the blue vinyl.

2006-11-29 Look further left.

2006-11-29 OK OK OK here is a little trick I thought up the other night. I took this strip of aluminum and drilled a hole, you can see it by my index finger. This is used to help devinyled the wing, tank, and leading edge skins.

2006-11-29 And here is the tool in use. The hole in the strip is to cleco it to the first hole of the line of holes to be devinyled. then I used a clamp on the other end. Now it is over the holes and all I need to do is melt the Vinyl. It's a simple idea really and works quite well. Also as you can see I devinyled the wing skins on the wing hanging on the stand. I could do this in comfort sitting in a chair at the wing.

2006-11-29 another look.

2006-11-29 A look at the finished devinyling.

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