2006-11-21 Today I continued work on the tank. First I worked on the tank drain. Here I put some lines on the tank to help center the drain.

2006-11-21 The drain is now drilled to the tank.

2006-11-21 Now it's time to drill the fill cap to the tank. Here is the hole where it goes.

2006-11-21 This is the tank fill flange. I drew lines to help center it.

2006-11-21 I'm holding the cap in place and drawing circles where the rivets go.

2006-11-21 Look close and you can see the blue in the holes where I drew the circles.

2006-11-21 The holes on the flange look good so I'll go ahead and drill it.

2006-11-21 Woo Hoo it's drilled.

2006-11-21 I removed the cap. Here is a look at the open fill hole.

2006-11-21 This is what I'm using to make the vent line clip. this clip holds the end of the vent line so it dose not drop into the fuel.

2006-11-21 This is the finished clip.

2006-11-21 This is the clip in place inside the tank.

2006-11-21 Time to start disassembly. I disassemblied the tank.

2006-11-21 This is the pile of ribs from the tank and Leading edge.

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