2006-11-20 Today I worked on the access plate for the fuel tank. It is placed on the inboard end rib of the tank. Here is the rib.

2006-11-20 Here I drew a circle on the rib and drilled a hole to start the cutting. I'm going to use the hand nibbler above the rib to do the cutting.

2006-11-20 About 3/4 cut now.

2006-11-20 Inital hole cut.

2006-11-20 This is the chips on the floor from the nibbler.

2006-11-20 I drew another line on the other side of the rib.

2006-11-20 Now I've cut the hole to the finish line and sanded it.

2006-11-20 The holes are drilled in the rib to connect the cover.

2006-11-20 here is the doubler ring drilled to the rib for the rivets.

2006-11-20 I've riveted the doubler ring to the rib with the platenuts.

2006-11-20 Here is the other side.

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