2006-09-02 The platenuts are on the spar here is a picture of the bottom flange of the spar.

2006-09-02 Here are the two platenuts on the forward inside end of the spar.

2006-09-02 What a mess countersinking can be.

2006-09-02 Now I have drilled the tie down AEX to the spar. the bottom of this gets tapped for the tie down ring to screw in.

2006-09-02 Here I am drilling the tie down AEX for the plarenuts that get mounted on the forward side.

2006-09-02 Here is the tie down AEX drilled, deburred, and countersunk, oh yea I primmed it also.

2006-09-02 Next I primmed the spar where I drilled the holes.

2006-09-02 Working on the rear spar here is the hole for the aleron tube to pass.

2006-09-02 This is the middle rear spar doubler drilled in place.

2006-09-02 This is the outside rear spar doubler drilled.

2006-09-02 This is the rear spar inside doubler driled to the spar.

2006-09-02 The middle spar doubler gets a hole for the aleron tube to pass. After drilling with a step drill I used my nibbler to expaned the holes.

2006-09-02 Here is the nibbler in action.

2006-09-02 After nibbling it file time.

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