Tonight I started by taping the sin to my holder.

Then I back riveted the top skin stiffeners in place.

Next I riveted the spar to the skin on the top side.

Here I am back riveting the bottom skin stiffeners in.

I need to dimple the nut plates to put them in place, but the dimple dies wont fit. What do you do??? Get inventive.

How did I do it? Well here it is. I put in the male dimple die and a flat die.

Then using the female die I made in a bar I was able to dimple the nut plate. The thing that makes this possible is the bar I made a female dimple die in is closer to the edge then a normal female dimple die.

Here I am putting the squeeze on.

Then I riveted the nut plates to the stiffener.

Clecoed and riveted the stiffener in place.

Here I'm clecoing and riveting the skin to the bottom of the spar.

Spar riveted, and the counter weight arm is riveted on, I also riveted the trim tab spar in.

Four and a half hours tonight, but tomorrow I wont be so lucky as I have a EAA meeting.

Type at ya next time.

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