Today I started by removing the stiffeners from Friday and clecoing and match drilling the spar, Root rib, and the Elevator Trim Spar.

Here I clecoed on the Counter Weight Skin, and the two Tip Ribs.

Another Look.

Here is the front look at the counter weight arm.

Looking down the arm at the two holes which are a little hard to rivet as I found out on the right elevator.

This is the little Gusset I had to make. It goes from the root rib to the trim tab spar.

Here are all the parts Drilled and Deburred.

Time to get out the DRDT-2.

Here is the skin ready to be dimpled.

Hey look I'm Doing some work. Guess what I actually do the work not some rivet fairy.

The parts ready to be painted.

Probably wont be back in the garage till next weekend.

Type at ya next time.

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