The first two pictures were taken on Sunday the 6th, but I'm posting them here as this is the start of the Left Elevator.

  1. 1. Counter Weight Skin

  2. 2. Tip Rib

  3. 3. Counter Weights

  4. 4. Tip Rib

  5. 5. Stiffener

  6. 6. Elevator Trim Spar

  7. 7. Root Rib

  8. 8. Control Horn

  9. 9. Trim Tab

And here is the Trim Tab which is part of the left Elevator

  1. 1. Inboard Trim Tab Horn

  2. 2. Outboard Trim Tab Horn

  3. 3. Trim Tab Hinge

  4. 4. Trim Tab Spar

  5. 5. Trim Tab Ribs

  6. 6. Trim Tab Skin

I started the Left Elevator by clecoing the stiffeners to the skin and match drilling them.

Here I am moving the clecos to match drill the other holes.

Next thing I needed to do is turn over the elevator and match drill the other side.

Here is a look at the area in the elevator for the electric trim tab servo.

This is the cover for the servo the oblong hole is where the arm comes out to move the trim tab.

Here is one last look at the skin with the stiffeners match drilled.

Short night, but I was only waiting for my wife to get home.

Type at ya next time.

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