Today I went into the garage hoping to get the right elevator done and I must report susecces! The first thing I did was to polish the end of this 1.5 X .24 inch bar. I'll show you what for later in this post.

I put rivets into the aft edge of the elevator, taped them and turned over the elevator to start riveting. First I riveted every 8th one, then every forth, then the rest. at first I set them about half way and then switched from a backrivet set to the mushroom set and finished riveting the edge.

OK here is what the polished bar is for. after doing the trailing edge then I set the remaining rivets in the ribs. I put rivets into the holes placed it on the backrivet plate, put the bar on the rivet shop head and used the rivetgun to set the rivet. the picture shows the method I tried. Yes I say tried because it did not work well.

So I decided to use the polished bar as a bucking bar and riveted the ribs in. This worked much better than what I tried with the backriveting.

After riveting the ribs It's done. Her I am with my finished right elevator.

Here is a view of the trailing edge nice and straight. Yes I know its hard to see the elevator because it's so straight.

Another look at the finished elevator.

Here are the parts for the left elevator all ready to be started.

So only the left elevator and trim tab left to build for the empennage. I need to buy the wings soon, but for the next month and a half I will be busy doing G.S.P.A. stuff. Whats that you ask? Well G.S.P.A. is Garden Spot Performing Arts, a high school production group. I am in charge of building the sets for the group and Tomorrow I have a meeting then after that I will be building every night after work. I hope to be able to build on the weekends and get the left elevator done in March and the Trim Tab in early April. The wings take about 8 weeks to get here and ordering them now should have them here in late April I hope. Well I'm going to go do some other things around the house I need to get done.

Bye Bye

type at ya next time.

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