Today I Started by Clecoing the rivet line for the bottom of the Spar Then I remembered something.

I need to remove the blue plastic in the elevator.

I removed the clecoes and removed the plastic.

Lookey, Lookey no blue stuff!

Then I reclecoed and started riveting the lower side of the spar. Since there is no access most of the rivets are the pop type.

The next thing to do is to get the rear wedge ready to go, but look here. The hole patters is different than the rudder was. This means I will need to drill the other side of the angle. I think this is a little stupid I mean if they were the same I could just use the holes allready there.

Here I am getting ready a block with a 84deg as a drill guide.

here is the 84deg on paper the make my guide.

Look here the block is the same as the template.

I marked my block of wood so as not to use it the wrong way.

This is a picture of the first holes drilled in the aft edge of the elevator.

Here I am using the drill guide to drill a aft edge of the elevator.

All Drilled.

Look the wedge holes line up on the line I drew.

Good day I got the wedge drilled and glued into the elevator. Hope to rivet it tomorrow.

HEY ONLY 10 MONTHS TILL CHRISTMAS. I should start thinking about what I need for the plane.

Type at ya next time.

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