First thing tonight I riveted the tip rib to the counterweight rib. The counterweight rib is the smaller one.

Here is a side view of the tip and counterweight ribs.

Next I clecoed on the counterweight skin.

Then did the rivet thang.

After preparing the counterweight ribs and skin I riveted the doublers to the spar.

After the doublers are on the spar I riveted on the root rib.

The elevator horn is then clecoed the the spar and root rib.

After the clecoing the riveting begins.

Noe it's time to start the skin in this picture I am riveting the stiffeners to the skin.

I did not get any pictures of riveting the spar to the top side of the skin then I put in the rivets into the bottom side of the skin.

Here I am riveting the stiffeners to the bottom of the skin.

I did not like the amount of movement I needed to do to the elevator while building so I taped where I removed the plastic to protect the skin.

Here is the other build table at the end of the build session.

Good evening I'm looking forward to the next time I'm in the shop. Soon the next play at the high school will be starting and the build will slow down. So for March and half of April the build will be at a slower pace. I'm hoping to get the right elevator done this week before the slow down.

Type at ya next time.

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