Today was all about getting ready to start assembly the next time I'm in the shop. And I'm happy to report I accomplished my goal.

After removing the Blue Plastic and inspecting the parts I put the on my paint table, and washed and etched them.

While waiting for the parts to dry I used the soldering iron to remove the blue plastic from the inside rivet lines of the skin. this is the setup I used to hold open the skin.

Next I went outside and primed the skeleton parts. Now they are white like the snow. Don't let the snow fool you it is about 55deg outside. (that's about 13C for my English friends)

Time to inspect my job. Guess what I'm getting better at this priming thing.

Lunch time I took about a 2 hour break to let the primer dry so I could move the skeleton parts from the paint table and put the skin on the table.

Good ole duct tape holds the skin open.

Here is the skin primer I am using for this project.

And the finished product in the shop for drying overnight. Actually I will not be in the shop until Monday. Bummer but life calls and I must answer or risk getting a divorce.

Awesome day got everything done that I wanted to and soon I'm off to a EAA chapter meeting.

Type at ya next time.

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