Today was a slow day in the shop, but a overall good day.

Here I am dimpling the right elevator skin. This is about all I accomplished and it would have taken allot longer if my brain did not kick in. I was going to dimple using the pop rivet dimple method, but realized how to do it using the DRDT-2. With the DRDT-2 you move the skin then pull the handle. Below is the pop rivet method.

Here are the tools used to dimple with the pop rivet dimpler. First is the pop rivet puller then the dimple dies and finally a pull nail.

Put the female die on the nail.

Put the nail in the hole.

Put the male die on the nail.

Put the puller on the nail and then squeeze it. Yes this takes some time. Actually it take allot more time than dimpling in other ways.

So anyway only 1.5 hours in the shop, but today I got to see a RV-9a up close and even sit in it. Yes sitting in the model plane I'm building is a big motivator. The only problem is now that I know what the plane looks like and feels like inside I really want this plane finished. If I get a ride in a RV-9A soon I may not see my wife again until the plane is done.

Type at ya next time.

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