Today I first riveted the rudder trailing edge, but I did not get any pictures because I was into building not taking pictures. I Know bla bla bla less excuses more pictures I'll try to do better.

So anyway I finished the leading edge of the rudder and again got no pictures of  the event. Quit your crying if you want to see what it looks like while building a rudder then build one.

Hey more pictures of the Finished Rudder.

And More.

Put away the rudder and started the Right elevator. Here are the skins in the tables. The one closest is the left and the other one is the right. The cutout in the left one is for the trim tab.

Here is the right elevator partially clecoed togeter.

Another Angle.

Here are the right elevator parts drilled, deburred, and dimpled.

Today was a good day. Even with going to lunch with my wife for Valentines day I got lodes done.

Type at ya next time.

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