Why do the stupidest things seem to have a way of happening to me!

So anyway tonight while I was downstairs I was getting ready to go upstairs and go to bed. I decided to fill the wood stove due to the temp it was to drop to overnight. I happened to put the last of the wood I had in the house in the stove, so I decided to sweep up the wood chips. I swept the chips into a pile then Shoveled them into the fire (they are wood). After shoveling them in I swept the last little bit back to where the pile goes, and that is when it happened. The broom went over my foot and I felt a little prick, but thought nothing of it. I went upstairs and while in the bathroom I saw some blood on my toe. I thought it might be a small scratch, but then I saw something black and thought I got a splinter. I pulled it out and noticed something black under my toe nail. Upon further inspection I realized it was a larger splinter. To get to it I had to cut my toe nail back and dig out one end of it out. I took about 10 minutes and I got it out. It hurt more coming out than it did going in. And as you can see below it is 5/8" long.

Now this is not the largest splinter in the world It's not even the largest I've ever had, but the way I got it and where it was is kinda stupid. I mean under my toe nail of all the stupid places you would think the toe nail would protect that area.

So anyway that's my story about the splinter under the toe nail.