Last night I stopped at Lowes and picked up a piece of angle for the Rudder. I'll use this to keep the trailing edge straight while the epoxy sets and while riveting.

Tonight I started cutting the Elevator Stiffeners. The left and right elevators use the same stiffeners, So there was allot of cutting.

Here is a picture of the stiffeners cut. I will fit them to the skins next then sand, edge finish them and prime them later this week.

I started drilling the angle and stopped to take this picture.

Look at me I'm drilling.

The angle is drilled!

I deburred the angle in this picture. I'm really glad I bought the Cogsdill deburring tool, It's worth it's weight in gold.

This is my new idea When I start a new piece I'll take a picture and try to label the parts.

  1. 1. Elevator Horn - this is between the two elevators for moving them.

  2. 2. Right Root Rib - the inner end of the elevator

  3. 3. Elevator Skin - The outside of the elevator, the part you will see when the plane is finished.

  4. 4. Stiffener - what keeps the skin stiff in the center

  5. 5. Hinge Reinforcement Plate - doubler for the control hinge area

  6. 6. Rod End Bearing - the part which connects the elevator to the horizontal stabilizer and allows for the elevator motion

  7. 7. Counterweight - led weights the balance the elevator

  8. 8. Tip Rib - The rib at the tip of the elevator which is backed in front of the spar by a counterweight rib

  9. 9. Counterbalance Skin - the skin for the counterbalance weights and ribs

  10. 10. Tip - the fiberglass part which is the outside tip of the elevator

Hope this keeps everybody in the clear about what I'm talkin about while I ramble about building.

Type at ya next time.

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