I'll Start tonight with some pictures of the work I did the other night. First here is the Top doubler on the Spar.

And here is the middle one.


This is the Lower end of the rudder spar with the rudder horn and lower rib in place along with the brace.

And here is the doubler on the front of the spar.


Here is a shot showing the spacer I fabed.

First thing tonight I riveted on the balance weight rib and then clecoed on the skin.

Here is a shot inside from the top.

I'm half done riveting the skin to the rib.

I installed the weight and bolted it in place. Then I torqued the bolts and put on the torq seal.

Before It's too hard to look in here is a shot in the rudder.

The Skin is riveted to the spar, lower rib, and the upper rib.

A shot from the front.

This shot shows the clecoes in the trailing edge of the rudder. Finishing the trailing edge Should be interesting. More on that in a later installment.

This shot is looking into the horn stiffener at the rivets I set.

And here are the rivets I could not buck or squeeze, So they are the pop variety.

A row of clecos.

I'm tired of typing.

Type at ya next time.

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