Started Riveting the Rudder today! So Anyway here is a picture of me placing the rivets in the skin for back riveting.

And here I am doing the riveting. Notice the ear plugs, Safety first.

Nice row of rivets. Row, row, row your rivets gently in the skin. Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, buildings but a dream.

For the readers out there who don't know about back riveting here is the quick and dirty. As in picture one you place the rivets in the skin and tape them in there. then flip the skin and place on the piece you are riveting the skin to. you can just barely see the back rivet plate sticking out from under the skin, but that plate is like a bucking bar. then with the special back riveting set in the gun you shoot the rivets from the shop head side.

Here is a shot with some of the rivets done.

And here is the stiffener done. This type of riveting is quick and leaves the outside of the skin looking very good.

Here is the second skin fully riveted.

And here it is from the outside with the tape removed.

Another shot of the happy builder.

That's it for tonight just 1.5 hours, but the skins have the stiffeners riveted. This week should be good for working on the plane and maybe I'll get the rudder done.

Type at ya next time.

Late night amendment: I snuck down to the garage later in the evening and worked for about another hour. I did not get any pictures, but here is what I did. I clecoed together the Spar with the three doublers, horn, shim, and the lower rib. then I squeezed 24 rivets with the main squeeze. I need to drive two more rivets which the main squeeze could not reach. I did not want to make noise so I left them for tomorrow. I will take pictures of the assembly tomorrow.

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