Time to clean up the shop. I worked at it for about two hours, but now it's done and I'm ready to continue the build.

The weirdest thing happened today. Something that has never happened to us in this house. The power went out for an substantial amount of time. The power was out for 1.5 hours, that's longer than all the other times added together and doubled. I'm glad I'm using a air drill as my compressor had enough reserve to run my drill for the whole time the power was out. Not saying I was using it constantly, but I did drill about 100 holes. In the picture below you can see the backlighting from the open garage door.

Here is a shot of a skin with the stiffeners clecoed on from the outside.

In this shot you can see the rudder completely clecoed together. If you are building a 9 you will know that vans wants you to have the stiffeners riveted by this point, but due to my screw up, and the fact I started the skeleton first, together with the knowledge that I want to paint all this at one time I made a little variation to the sequence of the build. Anyway here is the clecoed version of the rudder, now all I need do is replace clecos with rivets.

I put the rudder in a upright position to get a picture. I needed to be careful due to the height of the rudder. and if you will not the power is still out.

I took it all apart for the paint prep. And yes the power is still out.

For you perverts out there here is a skin shot. And yes the power is still out.

Guess what !!??!! The power is back! WOOHOO WAAHAA. So anyway I setup the DRDT-2 and put a skin up there ready for the dimpling.

Here is a shot of the rudder skeleton ready for paint prep.

Paint prep should happen tomorrow and if I feel like it priming will happen too.

Type at ya next time.

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