This picture is actually from the 12th SORRY I'm such a lamo and did not know I took this picture. Anyway Here is a picture of the skeleton from the other night.

I started on the rudder stiffeners tonight here is a picture of then all cut out. This is ware I made a grave mistake. The stiffeners all come the same length and only the bottom one is not cut down. The other 7 per side need to be cut shorter, but they must be shorter from the front not the rear. This note is only on the plans and not in the directions. So went along cutting them all down to size then when the holes did not line up I searched for an answer and found it. Lesson learned read all the available info before plowing ahead.

This is the beautiful scrap pile from my mess up.

I left the garage pretty pissed tonight!

Type at ya next time.

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