First thing I did tonight was to finish riveting the skin to the forward spar and the middle rib. Then I Clecoed the rear spar in and started riveting.

I riveted on side of the skin totally on and flipped the Stabilizer over to do the other side when my brain kicked in (note to self engage brain before starting to work on plane). I remembered I left the blue covering on the inside the skin behind the front spar.

I was able to get the stuff out with only drilling out 7 rivets. I hade to clean up where the paint separates from the plastic.

I also brought a new tool to the build. Yes that's it a stop watch! My riveting was a little irregular so I used the stop watch to help me get my rhythm.

A little Squeezey Squeezey and the VS is done.

This part seemed to be build in a day. Very easy compared to the HS.

I hope to get back in the shop soon and start on the Rudder.

Type at ya next time.

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