So today I was supposed to Prime the Parts for the HS, but I did not. Let me tell you a story. The past week was supposed to be about getting ready to prime the parts this weekend, but I did not know how to prime the skin insides. OK so here is the scoop I decided to prime the inside of the skins where the ribs and spars touch them, but with the primer I have you need to etch before priming and if you etch and the liquid runs to an area you do not want to prime then you could have problems with corrosion down the road. So what should I do? I finally decided to use a self etching primer on the skins and do the full treatment to the other parts and what follows is the raving of a mad man (or at least my idea). The skins are alcald covered and do not need any more protection, but where the ribs and spars go there is the chance of a scratch. For this I believe the spray can self etching primer will do. The skins do have the blue coating which should protect them while I'm working on them. The skeleton parts do not have the blue coating and are in my opinion more likely to be scratched. Therefore I will be doing a sanding on the ribs and spars followed by cleaning and etch before priming them. So where dose this all leave me well I made up my mind about all this yesterday and was not able to get the parts ready for the priming session along with that last night it was 7.0 Degrees outside and the garage was not up to temp for priming, So I got started on the VS stuff and if all goes well I will be priming next weekend. That is if Christmas dose not interrupt.

My first picture for this installment of "Gregg builds an RV-9A" is the parts of the VS on my bench.

 Here is some of the stuff I got for priming.

This is my new heat source for the shop. By noon it was a balmy 70 in the shop.

I hastily clecoed the skeleton together the took it apart to Flute the ribs and bend the tabs of the lower ribs.

Woo Hoo A Vertical Stabilizer.

Dimpled Holes How Sexy (I always loved a girl with dimples).

Hey look It's Me.

This is how I left the parts at the end of tonight.


Before I go I gotta leave you with some advise I learned from other times in the show with other projects. If you notice all my tools are put away and by the way I wiped them down before putting them their so the next time I get into the shop I know where all my tools are. There is nothing like looking for a tool which is under a Jeep or some other place which was a good place at the time, but now you can't find that tool for nuttin. Make your life a little easier and put your tools away. 

Type at ya next time.

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