I ordered two Cogsdill Burraway tools. Since I have no deburring left to do on the HS I guess I'll have to wait to use the tools. The general idea behind the burraway is that the tooth on the tool will deburr one side of a hole on the way in and the other on the way out. I got a size #30 and #40 and two spare blades.

Alright Already here is a Picture I took of  the DRDT-2 table I built.

I hade to order some angle for the parts I messed up and it arrived today.

Here is a picture of me dimpling the left skin.

And here are the skins dimpled and Devinyled

Another shot

And one last picture of your builder.


The next time I'm in the shop I need to prime the skeleton and the inside of the skins. I think that may happen this weekend. I need to practice painting and read up on the primer I bought before I get started. Type at ya next time.

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