Tonight Started with the Deburring of the ribs I have my drill mounted in my vice and put the deburring tool into it spin at the lowest setting and I don't have to hold a part and a deburring tool. Worked great for the ribs.

Not wanting to try to hold the Main Squeeze (which is head heavy) and a rib the operate the tool and possibly goof something up. I clamped a clamp to my DRDT-2 then I clamped the Main Squeeze which made for a nice third hand.

Here I am counter sinking a spar.

BC (Before Countersink).

AD err.. I mean AC (After Countersink).

I have one question which I think I will call vans about tomorrow. The plans say that the HS-903 gets countersunk on the forward side and I cannot find it in the prints. Well anyway, Type at ya next time.

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