11-26-05: First thing today I Fluted the ribs then fabricated the HS-909 shims. After that I started Clecoing the HS-904 and HS-905 ribs to the spars, but soon realized the plastic on the front spar was a problem. So then I devinled the spars and Clecoed the ribs to the spars.

Next step is to drill the holes to #30 and disassemble.

Now it's time for the most tedious thing yet deburr all #30 holes, all the rib and spar edged, and the edged of all the lightening holes. I am very happy with the way this all came out. on the ribs I just used the 3M disks that came in my tool kit, but on the doublers plates and spars I did it a bit differently. First on all lightening holes I used my deburr tool to start rounding the edges, then on the edged of the spars and doublers plates I used the vixen file first then to finish both I used the 3M disk. One quick word on the vixen file. This thing looks like a medieval torcher device, Really if you slip with this killer file its goodbye aluminum. In my case all come out well and the edged of all are nice and rounded I am very happy with the way all came out. Not that you can tell, but here are two pictures of the deburred HS skeleton.

Five hours today and I'm happy with the progress, but tomorrow is time to set-up the jig cradle blocks and start on skin work. Type at ya tomorrow.

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